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The Windsor United Church building was constructed in 1899. This church replaced an earlier structure built in 1856 that burned during the Great Windsor fire in 1897. The church was originally named St. John's Presbyterian. After the Union of 1925, which saw three denominations join the United Church, the old Presbyterian Church property became one of two United Churches in Windsor. In 1964, Trinity United merged with St. John's United to form Windsor United Church. The windows, organ and some furniture from Trinity United were moved to this building where they remain today. The building is a reflection of Victorian architecture in its use of design and building materials.


Blessed by God and guided by the Spirit of Jesus, Windsor United Church is a centre of growing Christian faith and friendship where through word and deed, we seek to serve, nurture and support all God’s people.

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Your daughters and sons will prophesy,

your young people will see visions,

and your elders will dream dreams. 

(Acts 2: 17)

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